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fruit 2700 Apple Wine Base: A concentrate of choice Pacific Northwest apple varieties balanced to maximize flavor, aroma and tartness. 96 OZ Can. $37.99
apricot 2702 Apricot Wine Base: Patterson variety, grown in California, known for full flavor and aroma. 96 OZ Can $34.99
blackberry 2704 Blackberry Wine Base: Evergreen Blackberries, the most common variety grown in the Pacific Northwest. 96 OZ Can. $26.99
blueberry 2706 Blueberry Wine Base: Elliot variety Blueberry, a high bush berry, sweet with a hint of tartness, grown in Oregon. 96 OZ Can. $35.99
cherry 2712 Cherry Wine Base: Lambert variety cherry which has a black, crisp fruit with superb flavor. 96 OZ Can. $24.99
mango 2728 Mango Wine Base: Mango, known for its full flavor and delicious aroma. Makes a magnificently unique wine. 96 OZ Can. $32.99

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Peach 2724 Peach Wine Base: A late variety peach with outstanding flavor, grown in Oregon and California orchards. 96 OZ Can. $29.99
Pear 2716 Pear Wine Base: Perfect for wine or cider, this adjusted pear concentrate is a blend of the best varieties. 96 OZ Can. $38.99
Raspberry 2726 Raspberry Wine Base: An Oregon grown gem, bright red, medium sized berry with the familiar flavor. 96 OZ Can. $37.99
Strawberry 2718 Strawberry Wine Base: A mix of varieties selected for their superior flavor and sweet tart balance. Oregon strawberries are smaller but more flavorful than those grown elsewhere. 96 OZ Can. $38.99
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