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  Looking for a premium specialty fruit or berry puree to craft your fruit-infused beer, mead or cider masterpiece? This puree is 100% fruit with the seeds and pits from the fruit removed and aseptically packed. Vintners Harvest only uses fruit picked at the peak of ripeness, flash heat the product, remove the seeds and skins, and then quickly cool it. The entire system is "sealed" allowing no contamination once the product reaches aseptic temperatures. It is quickly cooled to protect the freshest fruit flavors and color for your finished product. Typical use is 1/2 to 2 pounds of puree per gallon of wort / must.  
  Item# Description Price  
Apricot 2738 Apricot Fruit Puree: Patterson variety, grown in California, known for full flavor and aroma. 9.5° – 12.5° Brix, 1.038 – 1.051 Specific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $19.99
Blackberry 2730 Blackberry Fruit Puree: Evergreen Blackberries, the most common variety grown in the Pacific Northwest. Brix 9.0° – 16.0°, 1.036 – 1.065 Specific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $23.99

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Blueberry 2732 Blueberry Fruit Puree:Elliot variety Blueberry, a high bush berry, sweet with a hint of tartness, grown in Oregon. Brix 10.0° – 16.0°, 1.040 – 1.070 Specific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $23.99
Cherry 2736 Cherry Fruit Puree: Lambert variety cherry which has a black, crisp fruit with superb flavor. Brix 10.0° – 18.0°, 1.040 – 1.075 Specific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $19.99
Grapefruit Puree 2742 Grapefruit Puree: Prepared from Ruby Grapefruit Juice and Grapefruit Pulp. The product contains no preservatives and no additives. Brix: 8.0° - 12.0° Specific Gravity: 1.020 – 1.060. 49 OZ Can $19.99
Peach 2740 Peach Fruit Puree: A late variety peach with outstanding flavor, grown in Oregon and California orchards. Brix 9.0° – 12.0°, 1.036 – 1.053 Specific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $21.99
Raspberry 2734 Raspberry Fruit Puree: An Oregon grown gem, bright red, medium sized berry with the familiar flavor. Brix 8.5° – 13.5°, 1.040 – 1.055 Spacific Gravity. 49 OZ Can. $24.99
Strawberry Puree 2746 Strawberry Fruit Puree: Prepared from ripened, washed and sorted Northwest strawberries. Strawberries are harvested in early to mid June. Brix: 7.0° – 12.0° Specific Gravity: 1.028 – 1.048. 49 OZ Can $25.99
Tart Cherry Puree 2744 Tart Cherry Fruit Puree: Prepared from ripened, washed and sorted Red Tart Cherries. Red Tart Cherries are harvested in July through the beginning of August. 49 OZ Can $23.99
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