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  All About Polyclar:  
  Food grade Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone. Mainly used as a Stabilising additive for wine or beer. Removes polyphenolic compounds and oxidised melanoidins. What this means is when used in beer it will remove haze-causing husk tannins (mainly cuased by over sparging or high mash temps) and oxidised compounds that contribute to off flavours. When used to finish, wine it can help to remove haze-causing proteins such as pectins. More importantly, it can remove oxidised flavour and aroma compounds, making the wine taste fresher while improving and enhancing the aroma. As with Beer it will aid in reduceing tannins. 1 oz is ufficent for 5-6 gallons of wine or beer. Dissolve powder in 8 oz. of the wine or beer and stir into back into batch, mixing very well. Wait for one week and rack from sediment.  
  May cause gushing and foaming when added.  
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