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Hey BrewCrew,

We hope everyone is staying safe during these crazy times. 

We have great news: We’re Open! Normal business hours - everyday!

It doesn’t mean we won’t stay safe, and clean! 

Our number 1 goal is to ensure your health, and our health, so we can keep serving our community, and stay compliant so we limit the spread of the virus. 

If you can help us out with some of these rules that would be fantastic: 

  1. Please send us an email with your “To Go” order! TEMPEBREWCREW@GMAIL.COM. Even if you just need an airlock, let us know and we will have it ready to limit exposure.  If it's a big order please plan an hour ahead and the order should be ready.

2.  We love you all, but are going to ask that you keep your distance of the mandated 6-feet. It’s a small shop, so, again, ORDER AHEAD, please. 

3. If you are brewing with your quarantine-buddy, just send one person to pick up the order, please.  DON’T HAVE A QUARANTINE BREW PARTY, EITHER, PLEASE. 

4. As we move forward, selection may get “thin”, so have a second-option ready to go. Feel free to email us with our availability of what you would like. 

5. Due to availability, and uncertainty, we will be selling grain by the pound, or ounce. If you need a bag of 2-row, ok, but otherwise, we aren't selling full bags. Let’s make sure everyone gets to brew!

6. Please, BE PATIENT. We are here for everyone! To stay open, we need to be healthy and clean. We also need to be compliant with state guidelines. We are wearing masks, washing hands, wiping everything down, etc. So please be patient with us, so we can stay clean, and healthy, for you. 

7. PLAN AHEAD. I know we already said it, but the more time we have the faster we will be, which means the less contact and a healthier community. TEMPEBREWCREW@GMAIL.COM is up and running!!!!!!!!

We are taking this situation seriously, but will continue to stay open to serve the great people of this Valley with whatever brew supplies you need. 

Finally, please go out and support your neighborhood watering-holes. They ensure you always have a good time, so let's help them in their time of need! We need these bars/restaurants to stay open, which means they need your business!

Stay safe, BrewCrew. Mask up and wash those hands. Cheers!



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