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  With True Brew and Brewcraft Ingredient Box Kits it really is possible to make great beer, true to style, right from a box!
True Brew Kits are distributed by BSG Handcraft. They are all malt kits that are designed to step the beginner to intermediate, yet challenging enough for the intermediate Brewer. They come complete with easy to follow instructions, malt, hops, grains, grain bag, yeast, bottle caps and priming sugar. All recipes conform to AHA style guidelines
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  Brewcraft USA Premium Ingredient Kits are created by the experts at Brewcraft, the same people picked by Rogue Brewery to clone Rogue's Ales into beer kits for the homebrewer. These partial mash Hop schedule full boil, all malt ingredient kits make approximately 5 gallons of home made beer in approximately 2-3 weeks. They include all ingredients, muslin hops bags and instructions.
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