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The Rogue Recipe Kits Come With Fermentis SAFALE SO-5 Included N/C
1200 Rogue Brutal IPA    
  An Imperial Bitter made with traditional floor-malted barley. Citrusy, stupendous hop aroma. $59.99
1226 Rogue Dead Guy Ale    
  Deep honey in color. Hearty malt aroma with bold hop flavor. $49.99 SOLD OUT
1208 Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale    
  Dark Brown with pronounced hazelnut flavor and a smooth malt finish. $53.99 SOLD OUT
1203 "Boneyard RPM IPA"    
  RPM IPA, the Northwest wonder, is now available for homebrew as part of the new BREWERY SERIES Recipe Packs. $69.99
1214 Signature Series: Denny Conn - Wry Smile    
  From Denny himself: "Wry Smile Rye IPA was developed specifically to my wife's tastes. Although you often hear references to "chick beers" made with wheat and fruit, my lovely wife won't touch anything less than 70 IBUs. It took about a dozen test batches before she gave this version her OK. The smoothness of the rye is a great complement to the overload of Columbus hops. I hope it's as big a hit at your house as it is here!" $69.99
1216 Signature Series: Denny Conn - Westcoastm    
  From Denny himself: "The monks at Westmalle invented the tripel style and it's still my favorite tripel. Westcoastmalle is my take on it and uses first wort hopping. Now, I'm pretty sure the monks don't do that, but it gives me the perfect balance of hop flavor and bitterness that I want in this beer. Be patient and let the beer make the schedule. It may take a while to reach its final gravity, but you want this beer to finish low so that it's "digestible"." $69.99
1219 Signature Series: Denny Conn - Noti Brown    
  From Denny himself: "Noti Brown Ale is a bigger than life American brown ale. It's the first beer I ever won a first place ribbon for, and I got one for the label as well as the beer. It's big, smooth, and hoppy and is the perfect drink for a fall day. Or a winter day. Or a spring or summer day!" $49.99
1223 Signature Series: Drew Beechum - Citra Saison    
  From Drew Himself!: "It wasn't that long ago when mixing big quantities of brisk hops and yeasts Belgian yielded bad final products with clashing phenols and an out of sort bitterness that was anything but pleasant. Enter the new fangled hops of today redolent with sweet tropical fruit characters that make a Belgian with bold hop character possible. This is by far my favorite combination with the pineapple/mango of the citra playing with the yeast's spiciness and wheat's sweetness to make a Belgian Pineapple/Mango Upside Down Cake in a glass. It stays on tap as often as I can remember to brew it!" $59.99
1224 Signature Series: Denny Conn - Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter    
  From Denny himself: "I developed the Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter to give as Christmas gifts to my friends. I wanted the vanilla and bourbon notes you get from a barrel without the oak flavor or the hassle of using a barrel. I use Jim Beam Black bourbon, and even if you're a bourbon connoisseur, resist the urge to use top shelf bourbon. You want the chocolatey porter, the vanilla and the bourbon to integrate into one flavor. If you use enough bourbon to be able to tell what brand it is, you've used too much!" $49.99
1202 Dry Irish Stout    
  Light bodied and dry with faint espresso sweetness paired with an intense roasted flavor. $39.99
1207 Pacific NW Pale Ale    
  Hoppy, balanced beer containing Cascade and Citra hops. $44.99 SOLD OUT
1209 Dry Hopped West Coast IPA    
  This IPA has a LOT of hops- not just a higher level of bitterness than a standard pale ale, but much more hop flavor and aroma due to multiple hop additions in this beer including the advanced procedure of “dry-hopping”. Grapefruit/citrus along with slight tropical fruit and pine aromatics are prominent in this popular brew. $51.99
1210 Northlands Nut Brown Ale    
  A nutty, brown ale balanced with bitter hops. $39.99
1212 Belgian Wit Bier    
  A pale and hazy brew, it utilizes bitter orange, coriander, and other spices to enhance its flavor. $43.99
1213 India Black Ale    
  Sometimes Black IPA, other times Cascadian Dark Ale, this brew has medium body with citrus/floral aroma and flavor. $53.99
1217 Rocky Mountain Amber Ale/Lager    
  A diverse, adaptable brew featuring spicy hops and hint of coffee. $44.99
1222 American Wheat Beer    
  Distinct clean wheat and malt flavor complemented by mellow hop bitterness. $46.99
1228 American Cream Ale    
  A cream ale utilizing a low quantity of Noble hops. $50.99
1230 80 Shilling Scottish Ale    
  A smoky ale showcasing a rich mouth-feel with malty flavors and aromas. $49.99
1234 Streets of London Porter    
  An English Brown Porter, featuring a red tint and layered flavor. $49.99
1236 Russian Imperial Stout    
  The strongest of stouts, with notes of chocolate and burnt malt. $68.99