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  Fermentis Yeast
Fermentis - Lesaffre for Beverages
Fermentis produces true brewers yeast in ready to pitch dry form, meeting the requirements of industrial brewers, craft and homebrewers. These yeasts are produced in dedicated, state-of-the-art propagation facilities and then carefully dried to preserve their characteristics. Fermentis was the first to manufacture and market dry lager yeasts. Our different strains are available from recognized European sources enabling high quality lager production. A range of speciality ale yeasts has also been developed to produce ales with authentic flavour profiles. CLICK HERE
  Mangrove Jack's Yeast
Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast
After years of development, this range of premium dried yeast strains is now available! Each yeast has been chosen after rigorous testing and trialing, ensuring only the best pure yeast strains for each beer style have been included in the range. Craft Series Yeasts have been propagated and dried using state of the art manufacturing facilities to ensure optimum sterility, superior shelf stability and ease of use. This breakthrough now gives the home brewer the ability to brew a wide range of craft beer styles, previously requiring liquid yeast. You can be assured that with Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast, you will get consistent, top quality results with each brew. CLICK HERE
  Lallemand Dry Yeast
Lallemand Brewing Yeast
Brewers dry yeast typically carries over 93% dry matter. The most meticulous conditions are applied during manufacture to avoid microbial contamination, resulting in less than 1 bacterium or wild yeast detected per million yeast cells. The content of 1g of dry yeast corresponds to a minimum of 5 billion live cells but the number will slightly vary from batch to batch. CLICK HERE
For Wine Active Dry Yeast CLICK HERE