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2402 Brewers Garden Coriander Seed - 1oz $1.79
  Coriander has a subtle flavor & aroma that is warm, spicy, nutty, slightly fruity, and complex    
2406 Ginger Root 1 oz $2.19
  Produces a fragrant kitchen spice, used in holiday beers and spiced meads.    
2411 Brewers Garden Paradise Seed - 2 G Package $1.59
  Appreciated for its unique spicy-hot flavor with subtle notes of ginger. The seeds should be crushed before being added to the wort toward the end of the brewing process to retain Paradise Seed's Aroma.    
2415 Brewers Garden Cinnamon Sticks - 1oz $2.49
  Cinnamon Sticks give ciders, holiday beers a warm-tasting, spicy flavor and aroma. Goes well with ginger, anise, orange and honey flavors.    
2422 New Guinea Grade A Gourmet Vanilla Bean (1) $5.49
  Fruity, floral, and sweet’ flavors, grown in Papa New Guinea. This vanilla is favored by pastry chefs.    
2401 Lemon Peel - 1 oz $2.99
  From the outer skin of the citrus fruit of the same name. The peel actually consists of two components, the flavedo and the outer white pith of the rind. Because the peel is where the essential oils of the fruit reside, it retains robust flavor, even when dried.    
2403 Brewers Garden Bitter Orange Peel-1 Oz $2.59
2410 Brewers Garden Sweet Orange Peel - 1oz $2.59
  Used to flavor ales to give them citrus & herbal notes in both the flavor and aroma. Added to beers, generally in the last few minutes of wort boiling. Orange peel is the flesh of the orange dried and can be very bitter. Introduces a mild orange flavor.    
2430 Lemon Grass 1/2 oz. 99¢
  Widely used as a culinary herb in Asian cuisines and also as medicinal herb in India. It has a subtle citrus flavor / aroma pleasant in light ales and wheat beers.    
2400 Brewers Licorice Stick $1.49
  Licorice Sticks have been used in stouts and other strongly-flavored dark ales for a long time. Create a black licorice flavor in any of your beers. Add 1/2 - one stick at beginning of the boil.    
2407 Brewers Garden Dried Licorice Root - 1oz $1.99
  Has a sharp flavor that is similar to anise, but is sweet with bitter notes. Licorice root is most often added during the wort boiling of darker style beers such as porters, stouts and dark ales. Keep in mind when adding licorice root to your brew that the shredded root will give you more of its flavor faster than whole or crushed pieces.    
2417 Brewers Garden Star Anise - 1oz $2.49
  Has a black licorice like flavor that is stronger and sharper than aniseed and retains its flavor longer. Because of this strong flavor, Star Anise is generally added to boiling wort in the last 30 minutes of boil in fairly small quantities depending upon the style of beer. Add as little as a single star anise in a lighter beer for a subtle flavor, or as much as a whole ounce in a single five gallon batch for a pronounce flavor in a full flavored beer. Goes best in beers that use roasted malt or chocolate malt because of its strong flavor.    
2413 Brewers Garden Dried Wormwood - 1oz $2.49
  Has been used in brewing for centuries. It was used in the times prior to hops to help flavor the beer. Wormwood has a mild minty, licorice aroma, but it has a very strong herbal bittering quality. Be careful how much you use. This is one of the strongest herbs used in the past. Also the principal ingredient in the liqueur Absinthe.    
2424 Brewers Garden Dried Mugwort - 1oz $2.59
  Prior to the 1600's in Europe, most beer was spiced with an herbal mixture called Gruit. Mugwort has a mellow sage-like aroma, but it has strong bittering properties and is one of the best herbs aside from hops for this purpose. From 1/2 to 1 oz. of dried Mugwort for bittering is sufficient for a 5 gallon batch.    
2408 Brewers Garden Juniper Berries - 1oz $2.49
  Has a strong pine-like, resinous flavor that is slightly bitter. Should be crushed to release their flavor and pungent aroma of cedar. Tip: make a tea. Add 1/2 - 1 oz to 2 cups of boiling water, boil for two minutes. Remove form the heat and let the mixture steep for 10 minutes. Add to secondary fermentation to impart the desired juniper flavor. Juniper berries are a very strong spice and should be added to beers very sparingly, sometimes just a few ounces of the tea is enough to impart a distinct juniper flavor.    
2419 Brewers Garden Dried Elderberries - 8oz $9.99
  A wine/ mead additive that enhances both the color and flavor. Native to the British Isles, the small dark colored elderberry makes an excellent Port. The appearance of berries on the bushes is said to have signaled farmers when to sow their wheat.    
2418 Brewers Garden Dried Elderflowers - 2oz $4.99
  Commonly used in wine and mead, elderflowers can also be added to Cider or Beer to impart pleasant floral notes. Add 1 to 2 ounces during primary fermentation. Remove elderflowers within 72 hours of adding them for best results.    
2426 Whole Organic Hibiscus Flowers - 1 oz $2.99
2428 Red Rose Buds & Petals Whole - 2 oz $2.99
2412 Brewers Garden Rose Hips, Seedless - 3oz $3.99
  A versatile fruit/herb used in wines, meads,and specialty beers. For wine and mead, use 3-5 ounces. For Beer, add up to 1 ounce in specialty brews to impart a fragrant aroma and taste.    
2425 Brewers Garden Heather Tips - 2oz $3.49
  It is both the flowers and the greenery of this wonderful herb which impart a pleasing aroma and smooth bitterness to beers. It is especially appropriate for Scotch Ale. With a flavor similiar to a subtle chamomile/mint blend with a hint of lavender. Heather pairs well with honey.     
  Cocao Nibs:    
6273 Ecuador Cocao Nibs 4 oz (notes of walnut, banana & toffee) $5.99
6275 Belize Cacao Nibs - 4 oz (notes of vanilla pineapple & honey) $5.99
6276 Dominican Rep Cacao Nibs - 4 oz (notes of cherry, fig & citrus) $5.99