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Amarillo Pale Ale



Arizona Steamer

There's gold in dem der hills! California Common, a style developed during the California Gold Rush during 1849. With a fermentation temp of 62º - 64º degrees, this lager produces unique ester flavors that make it a favorite around the west as a bitter sweet refreshment.

Big Spike's I.P.A.

A great IPA With New Zealand Super Alpha Hops. A "Clean" crisp bitterness with nutty malt flavors.

Bijen Licht Honey Wit

A sweet spicy orange Wit with a clean honey twist to it. A great Summer time Light Belgian Wit Bier

Bud Like

Serve one of these up and say: "I thought you said a Bud Like"! This is a light, crisp ale tastes remarkably like a Bud, only better.

Bumble Bee Blonde

A light Bodied Blonde Ale. (as any blonde should be) A delicious and refreshing blonde ale with a honey aroma and finish. Always a crowd pleaser!

Connection IPA

A Brewers Connection Classic. An all around well balanced India Pale Ale. An award wining recipe both in local and abroad competitions. Packed with a roasty piney punch balanced by malt.

Dangerous Belgian

Danger is what this beer is all about! With Light Belgian candy, this beer is a great Belgian Pale, use Amber Belgian candy to make a delightful Belgian red. Easy to make, and at 6+% abv., You'll find it easy to drink! Your choice of Golden or Amber recipe.


Deere John Lawn- Beer

Don't let those carbs get in the way of your "Honie Do List" Low on carbs, this beer is easy for those hot summer days. Your friends will be in awe. You'll hear things like "You made this?", and "WOW.. this taste like beer"  
Down Under I.P.A.

Featuring ALL New Zealand Hops. A clean "Spicy" and "Earthy" bitterness, complemented with citrus nose.

Dry Heat Wheat

This recipe is so simple! It is the classic Hefe. Perfect for those hot summer days out by the pool. A sure hit with the whole crowd.

Fort Stinking Desert Hoppy Pale Ale If this beer had a body, she'd be called an IPA. Crispy smooth bitterness created by Palisades Hops, sure to crush even the driest of thirsts!  
Green Bullet Pale Ale A great American Pale Ale with a POW!  
Hammered Rye-PA High Alcohol and High Hops make this beer CRISP and SPICEY! Unique flavors of spicy and sour-like rye characteristics that results in a dry brew that matches the Arizona desert!  
Hop Baun ipa

This is for the hop-heads! American style India Pale Ale. A big partial mash makes for a nice malt balance with an explosion of hops too good to resist!

Hymie Laya's India Pale Ale Single Hopped for a wonderful IPA. Summit Hops used all through the boil. Hymie would be pleased.  
I'm Not Bitter! ESB

A Special Bitter that is not over hoppy. A wonderful creamy frothy head, bitterness up front, followed by a smooth malty finish. A True Extra Special Bitter!

I Scream Cream Ale A lighter bodied beer that has a smooth mellow sweet creaminess. We believe you won't be able to put it down!  
Knott Hop Kop

No style but its very own. A crisp, refreshing hoppy American ale, with a delightful tone that is sure to trigger almost any Hophead's palate.

Kölnnel Klink Kölsch A delicious blonde German style ale with lagar-like characteristics.  
O'Ryely's Rye Recipe is a Paertial mash working with 3+ pounds of grain. A crisp, snappy bread like sweet light beer. This Rye Beer is assented by a light, but crisp, hop finish.  
Silmaraleon Pale Ale

A Serria Nevada Pale Ale Knock Off. Blessed by Gandalf and a 4-Time Great Arizona Beer Fest Award Winner!

Silver Rock Pale Ale A Malty, Spicy Fruity Ale with hints of blackcurrent and citrus notes. An American Pale Ale.  
Simple Pale Ale

A simple pale ale much like a Bass. A good base recipe for creating a fruit flavored beer.

Tree Legged Dog Imperial IPA A big bold double IPA. 9+% ABV. Lots of hops and malt flavor.  
Victor Bitter A light bodied Bitter with a bite of the Down Under. Clean, light bitter with a crisp finish.  
Whippoor Will Pale Ale

This is an American style Pale Ale. With this pale you won't be able to have just one! An excellent balance of malts and hops.

White Water Wit A Belgian Wit (wheat) beerthat includes spicy fruit flavors. A Blue Moon knock off.  
Whizz Quizz Golden Ale

Take Off, eh! From the Great White North, a Molson Golden Ale Knock off.

Yankee Wiessbier A Pre-Prohibition Wiessbeir (Wheat Beer), very popular during the 1920's