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All American Amber

A Full bodied beer with a bitter sweet caramel flavor to it.

Amber Serria

A Northwest Style Amber, Rich and Hoppy, yet crisp and refreshing. A wonderful Portland Ale knock off that you can make you own!

Amie's Wee Haw

A Scottish Wee-Heavy that will put a little "WEE HAW" in anyone's step!

Auggies Oktoberfest Ale

A German style ale with the great taste of Oktoberfest!

Comet On The Horizon

A subtle hoppy red ale featuring comet and horizon hops

Dangerous Belgian RED

Danger is what this beer is all about! With Amber Belgian candy, this beer is a great Belgian Amber. Easy to make, and at 6+% abv., You'll find it easy to drink!

Do-Right Red Ale

A Snappy and Spicy Red Ale that is sure to everyone right.

Frank's Fischer Amber Bier

A Fischer Amber Bier Clone Recipe.


Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Ale

A light amber pumkin holiday ale.  
JT "Mean Ass" Bitter Red

We don't like mean people at the Brewers Connection, but we sure do enjoy a mean beer! This beer is a sure CRISP slap to the face!


Midnight Marzen Lager

Midnight Marzen Ale

Negro Modello? Mexican Marzen? You got it here. Requires Lager (50*F - 54*F) fermentation temperature. Or can be fermented as an ale.

Monkey Bastard Ale Why Monkey around with Arrogance? This a great strong red ale.  

Oh My Maibock Lager

Oh My Miabock Ale

A Delightful, Malty, Pale Red Colored High Alcohol Lager. Requires Lager (50*F - 54*F) fermentation temperature. Can also be fermented as an ale. A sure hit in the Spring time.  
Plaid Skirt Scottish Ale A smoky peated amber Scottish style ale, sure to make any skirt twirl.  
Red Cap Ale

A delicious roasty caramel, easy drinking red ale. A pleasing and relaxful session beer.

Rohan Red A rich red brew with nice carmel flavor, yet not too sweet. An Ale for the Kings of Rohan. A toast stretched from the time of Eorl, to the War of the Ring, and beyond. A nice drinking beer for those stressful days.  
She May Be Red

This beer is a Chimay Red look alike, rich, malty, and Belgian! A high gravity beer, that will have you doing a double-take.

Vanilla Velvet Rose Amber Cream Ale A creamy, toffee Amber that's as smooth as velvet.  
Vern's Vat Tire

Remeber Fat Tire when it first came out? Full body with lots of flavor of Scottish descent.

Willy Goat Amber Bock Looking for a beer that you can serve instead of the coporate Amber Bock? This it only better!