Brewers Connection
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does Brewers Connection offer discounts? If so, what types?  
A. Yes, we offer several ways to get a discount.
  10% OFF for card carrying American Homebrewers Association Members.
  10% OFF for card carrying Home-Brew Club Members.
  10% OFF for Active and Retired Military Personnel. (ID Required)
  20% + on Full Sacks of Grain off our per pound price. (Unmilled Cash and Carry)

We are happy to give card carrying Homebrew Club members a 10 % discount. We recognize all that home brew clubs do for our industry. Some rules need to apply however. We will honor one discount per sale, discounts can not be used on already discounted items. Certain products do not apply. The discount must be presented at the time of the sale. We can not go back and retroactively apply a discount once the sale has been completed. All discounts are at the discretion of Brewers Connection. If you feel there was an error or have any questions, feel free to call our order specialist at 800-879-BREW (2739) extension #3. She's there to help.

Q. What is Brewers Connection's Policy on Returns and Exchanges?  
A. Brewers Connection works to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a customer that returns. We do recognize that mistakes are made and that returns and exchanges happen. We want you to know our staff strives to make a “return or exchange” unnecessary. Our staff works to ensure that the product you are buying is free of any defects before allowing the product to leave the shop. We visually inspect glass carboy and bottles at the time of sale in front of you, the consumer. Nobody likes to have to return things, but if you should have to, we offer returns and exchanges for up to 30 days after the date of purchase on most of our products. You can view our Return Policy here.
Q. What is Brewers Connection's Free In State Free Shipping Policy?  
A. We offer FREE shipping in the state of Arizona on orders over $10.00 (ten dollars). Orders under our minimum order requirements are charged a flat $6.00 processing / shipping fee. We do have the following exceptions:
- Bags of Grain - 35 pounds or more.

Bulk Dextrose - Due to shipping costs, we only allow up to one pound per order included in free shipping. Additional amounts will be charged an additional $1.00 per pound.


Liquid Yeast - There is a $4.00 packing fee that includes the cost of an ice pack and insulation. We ship liquid yeast via USPS Priority® mail. If you order liquid yeast during May - October, please track it and be ready to receive it. We can't be resposible for packages being left in a mail box or on a door step all afternoon in the hot sun.


Bottles - All bottles are charged an $9.99 Flat Fee for the first case, and $6.99 for each additional case in the same order.

- Glass Carboys - Carboys will be shipped via UPS only. No P.O. Box numbers. There is a $5.00 packing fee included in our pricing at the time of check out for each Carboy. We do use UPS compliant packing, so if in the event you do receive a broken carboy that has been shipped, notify us immediately. Please document before opening or discarding. Pictures of the package before as well as after opening can be beneficial. Cell phone pictures can be texted to 602-770-9351. Any and all documentation you can provide will be used to expedite your claim.
Q. Is there a problem with bugs in my grain?  
A. At Brewers Connection, we want you to know we do everything we can to combat these nasty little critters. However, we can’t guarantee you won’t see any. They are a part of all grains and cereals. To learn more about weevils and what our staff does to help keep them at a minimum, Click HERE