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Ingredients for a 5-gallon Batch: 4# Dextrose (corn sugar), 4oz Yeast Nutrient, Champagne yeast (EC-1118), 30+ Flavorings of your choosing! (Click here for Flavorings)


- Heat 3 Gallons water in 20qt (or bigger) SS pot.

- Raise temperature of water to 190 F. - Blend 4# of Dextrose and 4oz yeast nutrient in SS Pot

- Stir and take off heat.

- Once ingredients are blended, put pot back on heat until it reaches a boil.

- Boil ingredients for 20-minutes.

- After boil, use 1-bag of ice to cool wort.

- Rack wort over to a bottling bucket, with spigot, and keep cooling until 70F. - Top off wort to 5-gallons

- Rack wort to primary carboy, or bucket.

- Take Gravity

- Add in yeast. Bung and airlock your fermenter.

- Wort should be ready within 5-7-days. Keep temperature at approx 70F for best fermentation  


- Rack wort to bottling bucket

- After 1-gallon, add 5oz of dextrose (boiled in 2-cups of water and cooled) to your bottling bucket and rack the rest on top.

- Add in flavoring. Start with 2 oz, stir, then taste. Add more flavoring in if you want more flavor. Remember, you can always add more in, but you can’t take it out!

- Rack to sanitized bottles.

- Cap and wait 7-14-days for full carbonation.


- Rack wort to keg

- Add flavoring to taste

- Carbonate and enjoy

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