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Free In State Shipping Requirements.

Free shipping on in state orders over $10.00 (typically a 1 - 2 day delivery time) on most everything with exception to:

Bags of Grain - 35 pounds or more.
Bulk Dextrose - due to shipping costs, we only allow up to one pound per order included in free shipping. Addition amounts will be charged an additional $1.00 per pound.
Bottles - We do need to charge a fraction of the cost to cover packaging and handling. All bottles are charged an $11.99 Flat Fee for the first case, and $9.99 for each additional case to all the 48 lower states. (Paypal will charge the $11.99 for each case, you will be refunded any difference after your order is placed.)

Glass Carboys - Carboys will be shipped via UPS only. No P.O. Box numbers. There is a $5.00 packing fee included in our pricing at the time of check out for each Carboy. We do use UPS compliant packing, so if in the event you do receive a broken carboy that has been shipped, notify us immediately. Please document before opening or discarding. Pictures of the package before as well as after opening can be beneficial. Cell phone pictures can be texted to 602-770-9351. Any and all documentation you can provide will be used to expedite your claim.

How it works:

If you order via Paypal, choose the "Free Shipping" option. If it is in state and meets the requirement of the $10.00 minimum, there will be no charge, excluding liquid yeast. THERE IS A $4.00 PACKING FEE ON EACH YEAST FOR SHIPPING THAT INCULDES AN ICE PACK AND INSULATION.

Our house recipes are exempt from this additional charge.


You can order via Paypal, E-mail or use our website order form. When Emailing ahead, Please include the store location you would like the order to be picked up at, along with a contact. When using our website order form, make sure you check the correct store location in the Drop Down Box you would like the order to be picked up at, along with a contact. If you are ordering via Paypal and would like to pick your order up instead of it being shipped, please use the Comments/Special instructions box.

Anyway you should chose to order, you can still opt to pay via Paypal (please specify) or we will contact you for payment information.

You can also order via our 800 number. 800-879-BREW (3729) Extension 3. Please use this number if you need assistance or have any other questions.




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