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Appolo Hop Profile
Apollo Hop (Us)
Bittering - Alpha Acid: 15.0%-19.0%

Originates from a pedigree that includes a linage of Galena, Nugget, and Zeus. Originally cultivated in 2000 and developed by the Hopsteiner Breeding Program, this hop was first released in 2006. Apollo, which was developed for it’s combined Super Alpha Acid Levels, is a cross between variety 98001 and variety USDA 19058m. That variety was then crossed Zeus. With good storage stability and low cohumulone ratio, this very high alpha hop makes an excellent choice for bittering while still offering strong grapefruit and hoppy aromas.

  9031 Apollo Hop Pellets 1 oz $1.99
Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!