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Appolo Hop Profile
Denali Hop (Us)
Alpha Acid: 12.0%-15.0%
All Purpose Hop

Denali, a new Hopsteiner Aroma Variety, (formerly known as Hopsteiner #06277) is an aroma-type hop, originated from a cross between Nugget and the son of a cross between Zeus and USDA 19058 male. The genetic origin of this hop is 50% Nugget, 25% Zeus, and 25% USDA 19058. Called Nuggetzilla by some, this hop is rich in pineapple, citrus, and pine flavors, though it can often come off as spicy as well. It can be used for bittering, flavor, or aroma. Denali has an unusually high total essential oil content. Best used in mid to late kettle additions for bursting flavor and aroma.

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Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!