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HBC-324 Hop Profile
HBC-342 Experimental Hop
Aroma Variety
  HBC 342 is a high alpha aroma variety with a pleasant aroma of mild citrus, tropical fruit and melon notes. The history of HBC 438 dates back to 1997 when Jason Perrault of Select Botanicals Group (SBG) was provided a Humulus lupulus plant from the taxonomic variety neomexicanus by Chuck Zimmermann, a world famous hop breeder. Together, they nicknamed it “Chuck’s Mexican” as an homage to its neomexicanus roots. The plant was rank, wild and beautiful, but it was late flowering, if at all. In 2004, Jason and an assistant breeder had left over pollen from another hop and the only remaining viable female plant was Chuck’s Mexican. They mixed the remaining pollen and applied it to the neomexicanus mother. The outcome was completely unpredictable – HBC 438. In 2007, the breeders began to notice unique aromas from several plants, including this new variety, so a sample was harvested for brewing small, experimental batches. Great results and positive feedback ensued, getting us to where we are today. Great for Pale Ales and as well as Reds, Browns and Stouts.  
9002 HBC-342 Experimental Hop Pellets 1 oz $1.99
Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!