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Idaho 7 profile
Idaho 7® (US) Hops
Alpha Acids 9.0 - 12.0%
Primarily aroma and dry hopping due to its potent aroma and flavor, but high enough alpha acids to contribute good bitterness. Excellent as a single hop or part of a blend for IPA and pale ale
  Idaho Experimental #7, produced by family owned Jackson Hops in Idaho, is a dank, pungent and very bold hop that has similar characteristics to Columbus. Also now being called: "007: The Golden Hop." has complex fruity aromas of orange and apricot mesh with hints of black tea-like character and a pleasant fresh herbal bouquet. Its easy-on-the-palate citrusy flavor shines with pine, stone fruit, and predominantly herbal character. Peach and pear join the fun towards the tail end, which finishes very dry. this hop is pelleted @CrosbyHopFarm. Crosby Type-90 Hop Pellets are a softer “craft pellet”.  These pellets are approximately 20% less dense than industry standard pellets.  The soft pellet comes apart quickly when used as a dry hop, and provides better hop utilization.  
8996 Idaho 7 Hop Pellets 1oz $2.59
  AKA "007: The Golden Hop."    
Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!