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Styrian Golding Hop (Slovenia)
Aroma - Alpha Acid: 2.8%-5.5%

Styrian Golding Hops is an aroma variety also called Styrain Savinjski Golding and Savinja Golding are a traditional hop grown primarily in Slovenia. This variety was the major hops crop for Styria (Austrian state bordering Slovenia) in the 1930's and is not of the Golding heritage. Instead, Styrian Golding is a form of Fuggle Hops. This well established traditional variety offers a delicate bitterness with a distinctive flavor and aroma.

  9092 Styrian Golding Hop Pellets 1 oz $2.59
  9092L Styrian Golding Whole/ Loose Hops 1 oz $2.59
Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!