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Summit™ Hop (US)
Dual Purpose - Alpha Acid: 16.0%-19.0%
  Bred at the American Dwarf Hop Association in the United States and released in 2003, this hop is a cross pollination of Lexus and an unspecified male; derived from numerous plants including Zeus, Nugget and male USDA varieties. It is the first U.S. high alpha variety that can be grown commercially on low and high trellis. The variety exhibits unusually high alpha acids content, high alpha/beta ratios, excellent storage-stability and powdery mildew resistance. Summit™ has a strong aroma profile that includes citrus notes, such as orange, grapefruit and tangerine.  
  9078 Summit™ Hops 1 oz. $1.99
  9078L Summit™ Whole/Loose Hops 1 oz $2.29
Malt is the soul of beer... and yeast gives it life..
but the kiss of the hop is the vitality of that life!