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  Kerry's FermCap® is a 100% natural antifoam system based on cereal and vegetable extracts. FermCap® S is a unique emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane. It is an extremely effective surface active agent. It prevents foam formation during fermentation by reducing surface tension. Reduced foaming increases fermentation capacity and prevents the chance of a mess. It improves alpha-acid utilization and CO2 recovery while preventing hazes due to collapsed foam. Because of the novel behavior of FermCap®, it completely adsorbs onto the yeast, vessel walls, and filter media. No FermCap® remains in the finished beer.  
  - Food grade / GRAS  
  - Certified Kosher, Pareve and Halal  
  - Non GMO  
  - Organic compliant  
  - Allergen Free  
  - 100% active, cereal/vegetable oil based antifoam  
  - Increased hop utilisation - up to 25%  
  - Increased speed of fermentation  
  Recommended Usage:  
  Shake vigorously before use. Mix 2-3 drops per gallon into wort when it is transferred into the fermentation vessel. If not added before pitching yeast, FermCap® should be applied carefully to avoid mixing with the yeast. Higher rates of use or additional doses may be called for if the wort contains large amounts of trub (solids), if the wort is highly viscous, if the fermenting vessel is tall and narrow, if the fermentation temperature is high, or if foam is plentiful or robust for any other reason.  
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**FermCap® S should be stored below 85°F, but should not be allowed to freeze.**