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- After 5-7 days in the primary fermenter, some brewers will transfer (rack) their beer into a 5-gallon glass carboy for “conditioning” and/or “Dry Hopping”. 

- This will help with a few things: 

1. Getting your beer off its initial “yeast cake” so no off-flavors can occur

2. Will help clarify the beer

3. Can add in more hops for aroma (Dry-Hopping)

- Once clean and sanitized, take racking cane, or auto-siphon, and attach siphon hose

- Transfer (rack) beer from primary fermenter (6.5-gallon carboy or bucket) to secondary fermenter (5-gallon carboy).

- At this time, you can throw in 1 oz, or 2 oz, of hops in for “Dry Hopping”.

*Some brewers will put the hops in the secondary fermenter and rack on top of the hops. 

- Once beer is racked into secondary fermenter, lid, or bung, then airlock 

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