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- After fermentation, take gravity of beer. We always make sure the gravity is the same 2-days in a row after that, it’s time to bottle! 
*This depends on your style of beer, of course.
- Boil 2 cups of RO water BEFORE racking. 
- Add 1oz Dextrose per gallon of beer (or maple syrup or honey) to water once at a boil. stir it up, after 4-5 min of boil, let solution cool.
- Rack (transfer) beer from fermenter to bottling bucket using syphon hose
and racking cane, or auto-siphon. 
- During racking, add in your sugar solution after a 1/2 gallon of beer is in bottling bucket. Make sure the solution is cooled (room temp, or a little warmer is fine).
- Once racked into bottling bucket, take syphon hose off of racking cane and put on bottling spigot.
- Attach bottling wand to end of syphon hose, which should be attached to your bottling spigot.
- Start filling your sanitized bottles.
- Cap your filled bottles. *Usually, one person fills the bottles and one person caps so there's less chance of oxidation.
- Sit for 10-14-days in bottle at room temp in a darker place (spare closets work great). 
* After 7-8 days, feel free to take a bottle and chill it overnight to see if they are ready.
- Once carbonated, put all bottles into the fridge so they don't keep carbonating!
- Now, sit back and enjoy your home-brew!

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